Our Knowledge base for your company.

We offer an end to end program management solution that allows companies to focus on their core business, while we manage their card or wallet program. With our unique middleware technology solution, integrated to multiple processors, card bureaus and banks globally, we are able to analyse our client’s needs to develop a suitable programme and manage the entire implementation and deployment of it.

Card and Wallet Program

As well as our business accounts and cards, which offer complete financial access and management to companies, our card programs means that we can determine the most beneficial way for our clients to manage finances and spending. We then create a program that guarantees company employees are using cards as cost-effectively as possible and ensure that directors are happy with the process through every step of the way.

Management and Technology

Our specialist technology and services are recognised on a european scale, as is our ability to improve how customers use our cards and products. We provide prepaid card program and wallet solutions built on the most effective and up-to-date technology and card and wallet services. With our expertise, we always implement a program that is tailored to the specific objectives, needs and brand of a client

Complete Company Control

We become the card programme managers whilst our clients retain full control over how we produce and apply card use strategies. Our partnerships are transparent, reliable and based on trust, meaning that we build on our years of experience as a FinTech company and plan to create a card and wallet program that is bespoke to each client.

With our experience and expertise in security and protection, our card programs enable businesses to optimize their brand and initiatives whilst we manage the ideal card or wallet program for them.

We Provide

  • Consultancy
  • Card Design and creation
  • User interfaces, online banking and mobile applications
  • Program monitoring and cost control
  • Security, fraud analysis and monitoring
  • Customer training
  • Marketing and brand awareness
  • Client acquisition and retention

Why partner with us

  • We provide a total turnkey solution
  • No need to arrange any third-party suppliers
  • Benefit from the knowledge that Streamflow has obtained from years of experience of deploying payment programs