Prepaid Cards for Your Consumers: A flexible payment solution


Our prepaid cards provide a flexible payment solution for your consumers, allowing them the benefit of financial inclusion, as well as the potential to access great foreign exchange (FX) rates.

Prepaid debit cards offer an ideal solution for those who cannot, or choose not to have a traditional bank account, or those wanting to control and budget their spending. This is because prepaid debit cards only allow them to spend money loaded onto the card and are not linked to their current account. Our prepaid cards for couples are ideal for those who have a shared account who want to better manage their money, whilst a contactless prepaid debit card makes small transactions easier to track compared with cash purchases.

STREAMFLOW offers an own-branded solution for smaller clients that can be resold to their customer base. For clients with specific requirements, such as branding control and value-added benefits, STREAMFLOW can build bespoke solutions.


Prepaid debit cards: How do they work?

With prepaid money cards there’s no need to undergo a credit check in order to have one. They provide a flexible payment solution that enables you to spend in-store and online in millions of locations worldwide.

Allowing you to load with any amount you require, prepaid cards offer full flexibility. To get started, simply pre-load your card with money using our secure online account that you can access 24/7. You can also load cash onto your prepaid debit card at the Post Office, or any shop with PayPoint facilities. Because they aren’t linked to a current account, if you try spending more, the transaction will be declined. Online prepaid card accounts are also available if you like to shop online. You can use your online prepaid card to buy almost anything from websites that accept Mastercard. It offers extra peace of mind if you are on a budget and want to control your online spending.

You can apply for a prepaid card today.

Prepaid debit cards: What are the benefits?

Prepaid debit cards provide a flexible payment option, while our own-brand solution has a range of benefits specifically for you.

    • Promotes financial inclusion: Prepaid cards are available to a wider proportion of the public, as they are not dependent on credit checking. This helps promote financial inclusion and money management.

    • Not linked to a standard current account: Our reloadable prepaid cards are entirely prepaid, which means that they have no credit or loan facility alongside them. This means that you can only spend what you load, and you cannot get into debt.

    • Global acceptance: Our cards can be used wherever the scheme logo is accepted (Mastercard or VISA), which means that the prepaid card can be used in millions of locations worldwide.

    • Come with secure online accounts: Online accounts are accessible 24/7, meaning that help is on hand whenever you need it.

If you have any queries about our prepaid cards, our sales team are here to help.